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Kimber Lim

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Welcome to Transformational Business!

Our Passion: “The life you lead and the footprint you leave are equally important as the success you achieve."

Are you tired of being overworked and having to do everything yourself? Would you welcome help in carrying the load of juggling family and a business life? Do you dream of being more successful and maintain a balanced life while having tons of fun while you’re doing it? Here you will find an impassioned community of entrepreneurs dedicated to leading a balanced life with no compromise. We CAN have it all! Success, health, passion, peace of mind, meaningful relationships, an impact in the world, and above all, lots of fun together! Spend some time with us and awaken to real success on all levels. No more going it alone... together we can help one other achieve successful business and harmonious life.

Our mission:
To be a one-stop shop to fulfilling your life and
growing your business by:
• developing your leadership, skills, knowledge and resources
• establishing you in the world at large
• building your reputation in your community
• helping you build relationships with a local and global audience
• creating your internet platform
• increasing your recognition, sales, and credibility
• reaching your global client base
Establishing meaningful connections with entrepreneurs who will authentically market for you because they believe in you
We are results based experts. We don’t sell programs! We work with you in creating results!

Come on in, make yourself comfortable and feel free to browse our current projects, high fives, and services to find the perfect solution for your life and your business.

We Deliver:
Results. Road Maps. Structures. Systems, Resources, and Expanded Market place to reach your potential customers. We believe and practice having a simpler life and a more prosperous business. Grow your leadership, your skills, your knowledge, and your resources with us. Grow your team, be known in your community and create the culture and relationships that believe in you and your mission. Grow your internet platform and utilize this global community to gain more recognition, sales, and credibility.

"It is no longer who you know or even who knows you that will change the course of your life and enrich your financial freedom; it is who believes in you."
Kimber Marie Lim

Do all the companies, communities, resources and people in the world that need to know you and would believe in you, even know you exist and what your mission is?

We set that course and create that critical path. Come on board. We are going to have a fun time creating prosperity. Don't you want to be a part of that community? And, did I mention we are fun, our clients are fun and we know how to laugh and enrich the lives of those we touch?

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