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August 09, 2010 Trackback Bloggies by Kimber Lim Edit

:( Another day and i'm circumambulating the journey of the wacky creatures called Human beings

I was contemplating today how we are so time deprived on the planet and if what we could have more of is the opportunity to be with our family, friends and community. And, if we can turn the work we do in the world into the passion and love of our life as well, i'm wondering if then it would be more potent, more powerful, and more fulfilling.  Then, we can have a seamless opportunity to experience a fullfilled life of passionate work, passionate play and quality fullfilled time with our families and ourselves.

Now, oddly enough as i say that studies consistently verify the top things that people complain about are no time, no money, no direction, no focus and no results. now i say no but that also stands for not enough of these things. I also see and hear daily in meetings and calls how much people want to experience sucees and their leadership, their being heard and having their credibility strengthened and having financial viability and success. And i say this is odd to me as when i give assignments out that will quickly promote people to being known or to a possible action that will give an immediate result. the ones that get into action promptly are the ones that are the most successful, have little time, have many demands on their time. but somehow they get it done or assist me in getting that project done immediately.

Then the majority of people i can give the same assignment to will give me no feedback, ask me to do it for them, find all kinds of ways it didn't or can't get done. so i'm of the inclination to continue to feel that mind set, determines out set, determines opportunities coming forth.

today, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, one of my mentors in life said Kimber:  When you set intention into action + work hard, it’s impressive to watch! and i would have actually quoted the same of her. i am completely humbled by the good work she has created in the world.  What stands out for me is Dr. Jean's commitment to and therefore, it quickly became my commitment as well. There are a multitude of wondrous events occuring and all it takes is the simple formula set intention into action, enlist synchronicity, pay attention and then work hard doing what ever it takes not being attached to the results. play full out!!!!! i do not believe there is joy in tension, stress or upset.

my pearls of advice are: when you find yourself working 20 hour days check in and notice what you are winning at, why you are blessed to be given that assignment and do the best that can be done.

when you notice you are becoming snappy, frustrated, upset or grummpy. time for sleep and then walk in the park, and work out. then as i do, take a moment of reflection and notice just what a peculiar race human beings are.